Become A Sponsor

Why Sponsorship?

TN24 is making an impact in the community and those who are desperate are coming to us constantly. As more and more people are hearing about us we are seeing an influx of broken people thirsty for change coming to our door. We are currently turning people away looking for hope and help. Those coming to us are so lost and broken and sometimes all we can do is cry and pray with them. Unfortunately, we can’t help all of them due to lack of finances. This is such a barrier for us and is very frustrating. We are saddened that we cannot do more for those in need. The ones that do enter our program are experiencing true life change! God is so good and doing miraculous things in all of their lives!

How Do I Move Forward?

We can set up a meeting with you to share more information about our program. If you are interested in being a part of our mission to combat the substance abuse issue that is destroying so many lives and help us move forward in creating a healthier, stronger society - we would love to share some information with you about how you can help.

Our desire is to create an alliance in our community to help those who are in need. Our Executive Director, Michael Kirk would like to follow up with you regarding setting up a meeting with our team to discuss how you can assist us changing our community one life at a time.

Woman and Men who need help

Sponsorship Packages

Individual Gift Solicitation:
All individual gifts represent life change forever. Individual gifts are tax deductible. Your name will be listed on the TN24 Website as someone who has helped support life change! Individual gifts can be a one time donation of any amount or a monthly sponsorship amount of $675.00.

"We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves."
Romans 15:1

Corporate Gift Solicitation:
All Corporate gifts represent life change forever. Corporate gifts are tax deductible.

Corporate Gold Sponsorship - $16,000 - Full 90 day house sponsorship.

  • TN24 house named after your business
  • Extra Large Business name
  • Logo and link on the TN24 Website

Corporate Silver Sponsorship - $5,400 30 day sponsorship.

  • Large Business name
  • Logo and link on the TN24 Website

Corporate Bronze Sponsorship - $675 continued monthly individual sponsorship.

  • Business name
  • Logo and link on the TN24 Website